Deep Autumn


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Since the brilliant season of Autumn is upon us, I thought I would share a post I wrote about two years ago. Enjoy!

Originally posted on Wallflower Blossoming:

There is a time around the middle of November when the natural world seems to fold in quietly upon itself as if to prepare for hibernation.  The glorious, blazing colors of Autumn have begun to fade and the winter snows have not yet covered the ground.  Landscapes of various shades of brown meet our eyes and gray, blanketing clouds cover the skies.   All seems to be preparing for winter’s long rest.

As a child, it was the time of the year I enjoyed the least (except for the Februwearies), but as an adult, it is one of those quiet times I have learned to love.  This is because everywhere I look, nature shows me how to slow down, be still and find peace in my busy, stressful life.

Yes, there are storm-tossed days when the wind tears at your hair and jacket and the cold rains, sometimes mixed with snow, dance on your face.  Leaves “scatter like…

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