The Light is Blue


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I haven’t written poetry in years.  I used to write quite a bit of it and was even told I had a talent in that direction.  So, inspired by current circumstances in my life and a photo which I have included here, I present my first poem in several years.  It’s kind of frightening…be kind, but be honest.  :) (Picture is not mine.)


The Light is Blue

By Melissa Coppins


The light is translucent blue

Through the silent mist

Various shades of red and faded browns

Dress the forest

In stark autumn beauty.


The sweet scent of wet earth and fallen leaves

Embraces old wood.

Memories of childhood arise

And I’m filled with a yearning

For simplicity and innocence.


The world is quiet



Through the slim, dark trunks

On the far side of the morning

What awaits me?


I tenderly brush the rough trunk

Of a nearby tree

And sigh…

Its steadiness supports me.

I don’t want to leave this peace.


For beyond this place awaits decisions

I do not want to face.

In this moment,

This other world

Time is still.

The air holds its breath

As I hesitate.


I glance back at the path I have taken…

Will I turn back to my past?

Or will I move into the unknown

That awaits me

Beyond the clouded veil?



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