Small & Simple Things

Small & Simple Beauties

While taking a walk the other evening, I couldn’t help but to be inspired by the nature that lay all around me.  It was a cold, April evening and a rain had just swiftly washed through the valley.  In the last light of the fading day, I could see the austere edges of Mt. Timpanogas outlined with a fresh coat of fallen snow.  Starkly contrasted to the white of the snow is a color that can’t be called anything else but twilight blue.  It’s that color that can only be seen between the night and day when, for a moment, the earth becomes mystical…unreal… and you are caught between two realities.

I lifted my gaze towards the night sky and the intense, sharp stars.  They were so pointedly crisp that the lights of the valley below me seem almost dim.  A few steps more and I encounter the sound of a stream full and rushing.  It was too dark to see it, but I caught the elusive scent of old autumn leaves and new spring flowers.  I filled my lungs deeply with the perfume.  A breeze shook the raindrops from a nearby tree onto my upturned face and I smiled.

All these small and simple beauties surround me in one glorious instant.  I have a taste of yearning for something that can be felt just beyond the edges of our known reality.  I think it is a longing that most cannot even acknowledge exists.  The worries of this life press down upon us and we must deal with the tedious details of living.  But I have felt it.  I have felt that aching for something that has no words.  It is just simply a feeling of knowing that there is something greater awaiting you.  It is something greater than who you are at this moment.

Once, while standing on the island of Palau and contemplating a violet-gold thundercloud in the heart of the sunset, my missionary companion turned to me and said “Have you ever wondered if, before we were born, that we helped God to design some of this planet?  Maybe I helped Him to create this sunset so that I could stand here now to appreciate its beauty.”  I don’t know if that is true, but there are such spiritual feelings at times while I’m in Nature that I wonder if Heaven doesn’t peek through…and for just that brief moment of time, we are allowed a glimpse of eternity with earthly eyes.


7 thoughts on “Small & Simple Things

  1. Love this: “But I have felt it. I have felt that aching for something that has no words. It is just simply a feeling of knowing that there is something greater awaiting you. It is something greater than who you are at this moment. ” Keep writing, Melissa! I can’t wait to hear more!

  2. What a beautifully written post! I often wonder how so many people can deny God and all that God is….sometimes based only on the beauty that lies all around us…one of my favorite views of the Wasatch Mountains is driving eastbound on I215south as you come around the curve from 4700s and pass Redwood Road! Just sayin….

  3. I really feel this piece. In fact, I wrote about that longing and that sense when I studied up on the Portuguese word, “Saudade”, if you are interested, here is the link:
    I have a link in there to some writing CS Lewis has done, “The inconsolable secret”, where he talks about our inbuilt longing for God, and it’s something we can’t put our finger on. The longing for realities we have not experienced yet, our nostalgia for something that hasn’t yet happened. I love his writing too. 🙂

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