Adventure Around the Corner

Recently, I was fairly frustrated with several things that were going on in my life. I kept wishing I could take a long holiday somewhere on some small tropical island with no one but me, the beach, and a hammock under two palm trees. But, unfortunately, this is not reality for most of us as we must get up every day and attend to the duties of life (not to mention the lack of funds for such a vacation).

So, instead of yearning for something that could not be fulfilled at this time, I had an impromptu holiday just for a couple of hours. On a recent day off, instead of doing the normal errands, I took time off to “run away” so to speak. I didn’t have a lot of money, but I had gas in my car and just an hour down the road were several things I had never seen and places I had never been.  Adventure called…and my spirits rose to meet it.

My first stop was a Krishna temple. I didn’t even know it was there. I had heard my mother mention it once and completely forgot about it until I was driving down the freeway and saw the sign for it. I had planned to go somewhere else, but sometimes spontaneity is the rule of the day. In a matter of 10 minutes, I found myself standing in front of a temple that rose out of the wheat fields.

Who knew that I would find India in the middle of a small town in Utah? I walked around it, taking pictures and appreciating the intricacies of the architecture and marveling at an entirely different culture in my own backyard.

All was quiet as I walked up the steps of the temple. I tread softly not wanting to disturb any one’s sacred ritual or give offense in any manner. I was simply an observer wishing to share for a moment in another culture that took me out of my own life.

As I stood on the balcony of the Krishna temple and looked at a thunderstorm brewing in the distant hills, I could feel my spirits rise and my attitude change. All of a sudden, my mind took a flight of fancy as I imagined mysteries and thrilling adventures waiting just right around the corner.

Eventually, I quietly retreated, marveling at the beauty of another world that was so different from my own, but entirely fascinating.

My next stop was a lavender farm. I had heard about it for more than a year and thought what a beautiful thing it would be to see fields full of lavender. So I took my camera and pulled off the side of the road to catch a few shots.

As I investigated more fully, I was surprised to find acres of colorful gardens and buildings that resembled medieval England. My imagination again soared to a time and people and place that I loved.

As I wandered the grounds, I paused, breathing in the lavender blowing on the breeze and taking in the beauty that surrounded me.  Finally, after meandering through the grounds for almost an hour, I decided it was time to take my leave.

As I did so, I marveled at the fact that in just a matter of about 3 hours, I was able to visit a lavender farm, a bit of Medieval England and a Krishna temple risen directly out of the sands of India.  I felt almost as if I’d had the chance to roam distant lands and yet I was no more than an hour from home.

My pressing problems that had plagued me just hours before were a burden no more and I felt again that refreshing lift that comes when we venture to see things through new eyes. I had sought beauty and adventure in distant lands, but I found it just outside my own backyard.


2 thoughts on “Adventure Around the Corner

  1. the photos are absolutely breathtaking..especially the sunset. I loved every surprise, I always do but its so inspiring to feel like I get to take this little journey with you. My life is so plagued with constant pressure and concerns right now..I sort of escaped that thru your words. I love you so much..thank you thank you for being everything that you are!

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