Cloud Watcher

I’m a cloud watcher.  I first heard that phrase from a woman many years ago.  We were walking along a road on the beautiful island of Oahu at sunset.  As we walked, we looked up at the clouds and commented on how amazing they were.  She then said “I’m a cloud watcher.” 
Ever since that night, that phrase has stayed in my mind: cloud watcher.  Literally speaking, it means to study the clouds: the shapes, the colors and the magnificence of them.  I find myself standing motionless at the various splendor of colors during sunrises and sunsets, thrilling to the intensity of black thunderstorms and sometimes, just admiring a lazy white cloud drifting over a mountain top.
Yet I think “cloud watcher” is also a metaphor.  Have you ever just stood there, the colors of the clouds passing in front of your eyes, and you found yourself daydreaming about the future?  I know when I look up at the sky, it is often to meditate about a current situation, to daydream, to remember or to pray.  So I guess you could say a cloud watcher is also a dreamer. 
And to dream is also to hope: for improved health for a loved one, for a promotion at work or possibly a different job, to win that game, to pass that class, or to find the love you hope to spend the rest of your life with.  Whatever it is, you hope for a life that is better than the one that you are living at that moment. 
To hope…to dream…to be a cloud watcher. 
So the next time you take that quiet moment from life’s pressing duties to stop and admire the panorama of the sky, you can also proudly say “I’m a cloud watcher.”   

4 thoughts on “Cloud Watcher

  1. “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down and still somehow- its life’s illusions I recall, I really don’t know clouds at all..”
    one of my favorite songs..I love how it talks about the joys of watching those clouds- or looking at life, but it also talks about the pain it sometimes brings. At the time, I’m sure Joni Mitchell was feeling more of that pain and sometimes, thats what the clouds represent too but for me..I could stare at clouds all day, dream and remember what it felt like to have so much happiness ahead of me (and yes, sometimes, a lot of that pain) I always would imagine that I was really looking at Heaven and I still think that when I see a particularly large grouping of cheerful clouds 😉 Love you lots Melissa- thanks for the beautiful post

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