The Storm and the Stars

The Storm and the Stars

Recently, while taking an evening stroll, I glanced out over the valley and paused on a hillside.  Above me and all around me the stars were shining, but just off in the distance, I could see the shimmer of lightning from a storm that had passed by only an hour or so before.

As I stood on that hillside, the phrase “the storm and the stars” ran through my head.  Again, I could see a clear metaphor for my life over the past few years.  For a very long time, all I could see and hear were the storms around me.   Each tragedy was like a violent, loud thunderclap and each hopeful endeavor flickered like a quick flash of lightning but soon disappeared leaving nothing but darkness and disappointment.  At times, the storms would quiet and there would be nothing but clouds above my head.  Still I could not see the stars…I could not see the light.

Once in a while, a flash of starlight would beam through a break in the storm clouds of my life, but it was often fleeting.  Yet, it was those hints of light that kept me going.  Little moments of happiness, moments of courage, and moments of insights…those were my flashes of starlight.

But that night, as I stood on the hill and watched the storm depart in the distance, surrounded by the immensity of heaven and the stars, I realized that the storms had also departed from my life.  Have they departed for good?  No…but they have departed for now.

With a deep sigh of relief, I looked up at the stars.  My heart filled with gratitude and I whispered “Thank you” to the vast universe above me.  And I swear I could have heard someone respond quietly “You’re welcome, my child.”

~God’s in his heaven, all is right with the world.~ 


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