Spring Cleaning for the Soul

This is an entry I wrote almost 2 years ago, but with the heaviness of winter upon us, I thought a reminder of spring around the corner might be uplifting for many of us.

Wallflower Blossoming

Why is it that every spring we feel this push or drive to clean things out? Why do we dust corners and wash curtains that we ignore all winter long? Is it because the spring sunshine illuminates the dust and dirt that we have allowed to collect in our homes? Is it the longer days that give us more energy to accomplish our tasks or is it that sense of renewal and rebirth that refocuses us on the goals in our lives?

Every Spring I feel this need to reorganize my life (which is something I will be doing this weekend). I attack my wardrobe with viciousness, removing all the clothes that are too small, too big, faded, etc. I sit down with the piles of papers that have collected for months and toss unused coupons, events I had planned to attend but didn’t, old bills and check stubs that…

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4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning for the Soul

  1. Great post.

    To me , true spring cleaning of the soul occurs when we hold the awareness that while we cannot change circumstances or situations from occurring, we can choose to be the cause in the matter. As soon as we take such a stand, we shift out of any victim mentality that we may be carrying.


    1. Yes, that is true in a sense. We can choose our reactions to certain events in our lives. Our initial reactions might be one based out of our natural selves, but we have a higher consciousness than animals. So we can re-train ourselves to take a step back and re-direct our thinking and choose to think and react differently. It takes great strength and often time to change our thought patterns, but when we truly feel we have conquered negative learned patterns, it is something to celebrate! Thank you for reading and for your comment…blessings to you.

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