Thank Heavens for Spring!

I took a walk today for the first time in weeks.  What prompted this little jaunt you ask?  (Ok, maybe you don’t really care, but I’m going to tell you anyway. Grin)  The sun came out today after weeks of fog, smog, freezing cold and snowy storms.  The first whisper of Spring drifted through the air.  Instead of bundling up and feeling the cold every time I walked outside, I could feel a breath of warmth today.

Tendrils of spring through the frozen snow

After Christmas is over, I tend to become like a bear and hibernate until the temperature peeks above 50 degrees.  I don’t like winter.  As a child, I loved to play in the snow, but as an adult, I will take rain over snow any day.  I appreciate the picturesque snow right up until Christmas, but on December 26th, I begin to yearn for spring.  This winter has been harder than most.  I remember on Saturday wishing I could just get in my car and drive south just to see some sunshine!   The Februwearies have been hard at work on me this year.

blooming flowerBut fortunately, Spring peeked it’s head out today.  The snow was melting and green tendrils of wild grass were pushing up through the soggy, brown leaves.  The pigeons were out in number flocking past me as I startled them, the swollen stream rushed happily by and the sound of children’s laughter and shouts surged through the air from a nearby hill. Families on bikes and joggers passed me as I ambled along the wet path.

It seemed almost as if the world was coming outside again to greet the return of nature’s version of hope. There are no flowers yet and most of the grass is brown and muddy, but the rays of the sun caressed my cheeks and I felt that unspoken joy that comes when you feel the burdens of a long trial begin to lift.

And that is my favorite part of Spring…the reminder that at the end of a long, dark trial, there is light.  I’ve found that if I can just hold on long enough, and push through the gloomy days, the promised light returns.  I lift my eyes to the skies and my soul is renewed.

Finding that light in our lives can often feel like a never-ending struggle, but for today, I held out my hand and nature took it and squeezed in return.

Little girl




9 thoughts on “Thank Heavens for Spring!

  1. Oh Melissa, I love this! It is exactly how I was feeling once I went outside and discovered how warm and sunny it was. My tears dried, my mental state was better and I felt so much calmer and at peace with myself. And light. Just this morning I was reading something reminding me that even when things are at their worst I can still be a light. Someone out there will always need us to be that. ♡

    1. This is very true. And there are so many out there who don’t think it will get better, but if I’ve learned anything in life, I’ve learned that it always gets better. Hugs to you my friend! ❤ 🙂

  2. Great post! Although I will admit to loving the snow but have found myself at times this winter being a bit sorrowful for lack of snow! I am ready for spring and last week was actually in the gardens covering up some very confused spring sprouts and now, as of news time this evening I was getting wood for the fireplace as severe winter weather is expect with high snowfall!!!. My soul is now crying out for spring, warmth and sunshine…to last for more than a few days! How wonderful the feeling you must have had when you felt that squeeze of nature! 🙂

    1. Ohhh Canada! (Singing the national anthem…lol!) I have other friends in Canada and I have to say I feel sorry for you in your winters there. But then again, I know it has something to do with what makes Canadians such strong, great people! And yes, it was wonderful to feel that lovely breath of spring today. I will send a few rays of sunshine and some tulips to help you through your snowy nights. 🙂

      1. Hahaha…my what a beautiful singing voice you have! Canadian winters can be brutal at times for sure but I love playing in the snow (a big kid still I am) I welcome the rays of sunshine you send and the colors of the tulips are beautiful! Thank you my friend for your kindness…and now…I best get more wood on the fire… 🙂

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