I have known you all my life hands
Though we have never met
From my first fears as a young girl
You were my fierce protector

When I faced another lonely weekend
While others kept each other warm
Your words caressed my dreams
And softened the cutting cold

When solitary sadness
Would seep into my soul
You were my comfort
My retreat and my sanctuary

And as the years passed
With broken hearts and empty hands
When tears wet my pillow
You were close by
Reminding me gently
That you are still out there…

My cherished one
I feel the fog of the years lifting
And I’m beginning to
See your face.
My hand is reaching out…
Take it
And let’s end this lonely journey

10 thoughts on “You

  1. This is gorgeous. Beautiful and heartfelt.
    You are there…..somewhere. Haunting. But it can be that way. hat special person can be with us even when they are not there.
    Finally, I love your finale. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. I guess you know by now, I love to read about love.

    1. Thank you, Drew. That means a lot to me and I liked the phrase you used to describe it…haunting. Never thought of my writing that way, but yes, I believe that’s a good word for much of what I write. And yes, you are definitely a hopeless romantic. A special group of people we belong to: dreamers, hopeless romantics, the ones who live in a better world in our minds. Share we must. (A little nod to Yoda there. :D) Thank you again for stopping by. xoxo

    1. I completely agree, because I truly believe that “all these things shall come together for thy good.” As hard as life can be, isn’t it wonderful that we have the ability to heal, to feel love and peace again? Many blessings to you my friend!

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