The Power of a Song

Have you ever listened to a piece of music that was so perfect that it gave you chills every time you heard it?  The song “Bring Him Home” by The Piano Guys is one of those pieces of music. (Link below.) I could listen to it a thousand times over and never fail to hear the yearning and passion in every note.

Did you also know that this kind of music has the power to change even the most stressful moments into an atmosphere of peace?  Let me share an example.

The other day, I was taking the bus to run an errand.  As I got on, there was a mother and her teenage daughter just in front of me.  One of the passes didn’t work and an argument started up between the driver and the mother.  I could hear them talking loudly, tempers rising, as I climbed up the stairs to sit on the upper floor of the bus.  At that moment, another man was fighting with someone on his mobile phone and the entire atmosphere of the bus was tense and filled with negativity.  Taking the bus on the best of days can be challenging, but today it seemed downright difficult.

I looked down at my phone.  I had just been listening to that very song at home and wondered what the reaction would be if I turned it on.  I had heard someone the other day play a classical piece of music on the bus and not a word of complaint was said.  “Why not?” I thought.  I found the piece of music and turned it up and played it on my phone.

As the first notes of the song begin to play, I felt a little embarrassed, wondering if I should turn it off.  But no one said a word.  Instead, the passengers grew quiet.  The anger and negative atmosphere that had been there moments before seemed to slowly disappear with every beautiful note.  There was almost a sigh of relief and then as the song continued…reflection.

By the time the last haunting note faded out, there was a feeling of peace.  The anger was gone and with it, I do believe more than one heart was changed, even if only for a brief few minutes.  It seemed to be almost a miracle, but no, it was just a simple lesson.  Through the virtue of one song, I was reminded that love has a greater power than every other emotion.  And that is what is felt in every tender note of this song…pure and unconditional love.


10 thoughts on “The Power of a Song

  1. Melissa! This is a gorgeous post! I so love that you did this.
    I read a story of some brave souls who went into the middle of war torn cities in Syria and started playing a cello and violin I think it was, and profoundly affected the terrified people there, as you can imagine.
    My father was a primary school teacher. He used to play classical music softly in the background during his students’ reading time. It affected their concentration and behaviour immediately. A lot of them asked him what it was as they had never heard that genre before, and they loved it.
    This is divine, thanks for sharing! ❤

    1. What a wonderful story about the people who went into Syria and your father! I sometimes wonder if people focused on the goodness around them, the power of uplifiting music and the spirit of love more often, how many wars would be finished before they even started?
      I am often humbled by how one song can change my whole outlook. Just before I started this post, I was writing about how my life was crumbling around me and how difficult it was to find the strength to keep moving forward. Then this song started on my playlist and I was reminded of that experience and I instantly felt impressed to write about it instead. The words flowed. I listened to that song several times as I wrote. And when I finished, I realized how peaceful I had become. The trials had not changed, but my feelings had changed. I thank heaven for music like that which has the power to help in some of my most difficult times. Hugs to you Vanessa and thank you for your comment!

      1. Financially, things are a bit tricky. Trying to put two and two together and come up with a hundred. lol! But I will soldier on and I know that Heavenly Father will provide. He always has. Even if sometimes it’s down to the last few seconds, somehow, things always work out. Thank you for caring Vanessa. That means a lot to me. Hugs sent Australia!

  2. Beautiful post Melissa! I don’t know what I would do without music right now. My current song I draw peace and comfort from is Sparrows by Jason Gray. I end up crying as I listen, not out of sadness, but thankfulness that God is aware of where I am and that He cares more than I can even comprehend. And sometimes, when I feel powerless, and wonder what I can do to be a light in this world, I find inspiration like this. And I am not only thankful for what you did, but thankful for the beautiful friend you are. ❤

    1. Thank you so much Valerie! I am grateful that I have friends like you that not only believe in me, but believe in Heavenly Father. I’ve gone through an amazing amount of opposition lately and just when I’m at the brink and ready to give up, He reminds me I’m not alone. He steps in and I’m granted a tender mercy. Not just through the words of good friends like you, but in other ways. Sometimes he lets us go through our trials of fire to refine us, but we do come out better people if we humble ourselves enough to learn what it is He’s trying to teach us. (I’m speaking of myself here and my own very recent lesson.) I’m so glad for the kind, gentle and good person you are. Much love to you friend! ❤

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