I Choose…


Life is all about our choices.  Good or bad, our lives are in direct response to what we choose. Even our emotions and how we respond to a situation can be our choice.  This is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately and was given the opportunity to test out yesterday.

I was rushing about to get things ready to meet my sister and her family as we were preparing to go to the lake for the day.  I was looking forward to this trip as a lovely distraction to get my mind off a heartbreak I was going through.  It had not been a very good week and this was my one bright spot.

Now we all have our weaknesses and bad habits and one of mine is putting on cosmetics in a car while I’m driving, but I’ve done it for 30 years and NEVER had an incident (No, I still shouldn’t do it, but I wanted to make that clear.) Yesterday morning as I was driving to the store, I hurriedly put on the cosmetics to use as sunscreen for the day.  After arriving at the store and getting out of my car, a man approached me and began to yell at me for putting on makeup while driving.  He cursed at me and called me everything from irresponsible to ugly, referring to the fact that the “make-up didn’t help.”  He did this in the middle of the parking lot with several people passing us going into the store.

A multitude of reactions went through me from fear to shock to confusion.  I didn’t know what to say other than try to walk away from him and finally told him to mind his own business as I quickly strode off in the opposite direction.  It shook me up so much that I left without purchasing anything.  Tears streamed down my cheeks as I drove to my sister’s house. My dear sister, seeing my tears, immediately wanted to track the man down and yell at him (bless her wonderful protective nature), but I said no, it wasn’t worth it.

As I drove to the lake with my nieces in the back of my car and listening to music, the tears still played about my eyes, but I made a conscious choice to focus on the good and not let a bitter man ruin my day.  I say this again…I made a conscious choice.  So I focused on the sun glistening through the pine trees.  I reveled in the lush mountain fields and the aqua blue of the lake as it broke into view.  I watched the kindness of strangers on the beach.  I laughed with my family, swam in the cool caressing waters, ate delicious food and relaxed on the sand simply glad to be alive in that moment.

Instead of allowing myself to give into pain, bitterness, anger and tears, I chose laughter, I chose light, I chose life and I chose love.  It was a small battle, but I conquered and my soul smiled.


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