IMG_20171019_154929It’s late autumn in the mountains and the glorious colors of the leaves have faded.  They fall with the lightest touch and the ground is a carpet of varying patches of color.  The hills have turned different shades of pale yellow and brown.  Touched with frost, few colors now grace the landscape other than a few muted yellows, grey rocks and dark brown grass.  The tree branches have turned dark…starkly outlined against the sky.  It is almost a somber scene.

But as I stand here surveying, I look up.  Under a storm grey dome, a gentle snowflake, white and pure, glides softly along the breeze landing on my black glove.  For a moment, it’s a delicate picture before it melts away.  Another moment, another snowflake lands on my nose, tickling the skin.  I glance up to see the skies begin to fill with a thousand white feathers and I watch as they slowly and quietly cover the black branches and the dreary landscape.


It’s the first snowfall and as I watch, a simple and childlike joy fills me as I again witness the transformation of darkness into light.  A hush falls over the mountains as the thick snow seems to rest the tired rustlings of a weary earth.  Quietly…silently, the snowflakes change a lifeless scene into a new world of purity and light.

The symbolism is not lost on me: against the noise, darkness and despair of the world, how quietly does He restore peace.  It is much like a tender, white blanket laid over a weary soul restoring comfort and hope…a silent reminder of love.

And so the snow falls…


14 thoughts on “And so the snow falls…

  1. Though I am not too much of a fan of winter, I must admit winter makes for some gorgeous landscape images. We still have brilliant color on some of our trees and in fact, the post I am publishing tomorrow will show just how much. I was astonished because to my recollection we have never had this much color at this time of year before. I’ll take it, thank you! 🙂

        1. 😀 Haha! We have snow in the mountains, but not in the valleys, though that is supposed to change this week. I love having snow for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but on December 26th, I’m quite ready for spring. Ha! 😀

    1. I know I already said thank you on your blog, but I just wanted to say I’m honored that you chose to repost this. Peace and many blessing to you. 🙂

    1. Thank you!! I would like to say that all those photos are mine, but they aren’t. So the first one is mine and its from s nearby canyon here in Utah. The second two…I have no idea, I just Googled them 😁

        1. We do have some beautiful and dramatic scenery here! I’ve been posting a lot on Instagram if you want to follow. I think I’m under melissaec115 or you can just search Melissa Coppins. 😊

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