To Give Love Another Chance

white dress beach

I feel your fingertips yearning to touch mine
…separated by miles of doubt.

A wide chasm of confusion seems impassable
…but not impossible.

We gaze upon the same star misunderstanding
…that we share one wish.

I turn to catch your kiss on the breeze
…were you not just beside me in a dream?

Come to me, I am not far
…just a whisper away.

Just beyond the edge of the night 
…I wait for the dawning of your light.

We can still feel the fire of that heady dance
…if you will give this love another chance.


12 thoughts on “To Give Love Another Chance

    1. Well, thank you! I am honored you visited my blog. 🙂 I really liked what I read of some of your poetry and your kind comments on one of the blogs, so I will enjoy reading more by you.

  1. My feelings will suffice from which I do not intend to be separated from.
    I see love wherever I look,
    I enjoy celebrating love,
    Sometimes happy, sometimes sad.
    It gives me pleasure
    A truly wonderful gift.
    I do not feel old!
    It is enough to be alive.

  2. My dear friend, what a beautiful poem! I am honored that you feel this way about me. Two old souls trying to find love in a difficult world. I truly hope your romantic and timeless love comes your way. ❤

  3. I am who I am
    I am not him.
    You capture my attention.
    You are as though close to me.
    Yet you cannot feel my arms
    Like the roots of a tree circling your waist.
    It must be a dream from which
    I never want to wake from.
    When my eyelids part
    Will I see into your eyes
    Will I be happy with the truth,
    Will it be you Melissa?
    No more sun downs
    No more yesterdays
    Just a never ending dawn
    With no sunsets.

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