Just Another Day

The morning light crept through my window 
Dreaming faded and memories flowed
I slowly opened my eyes 
And thought
“Just another day…”

Distractions during the morning meeting
Silent reflection and melancholy feelings
I sipped a cup of tea
And thought
“Just another day…”

As the debts piled up with no end in sight,
The raise never came and the money was tight
I laid my head in my hands
And thought
“Just another day…”

I looked at my phone…still no message from you,
I wiped a tear away and tried to make do
Cheering up others
Yet still I thought
“Just another day.”

I stood just inside my apartment door
Listening to the quiet and staring at the floor
When suddenly a knock came at the door
And I sighed
“Please…some other day…”

You smiled as you stood in the archway
You wrapped me in your arms and wiped the tears away
Cradling me and touching my face
I whispered softly
“So it’s not just another day…”

couple overlooking lights


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