About Me

I have dreamt all of my life about being a writer.  I have been able to do so in various formats for school and work, but those were always on subjects that someone else wanted me to write about.  I have seldom written what was inside of me.  That is what this blog is about…letting the real me out into the world to be seen.

Also a note about why my blog is named the way it is:  most of my younger life, I was the girl who held up the walls while I watched my friends dance.  Always on the fringe of the crowd, I was your classic nerd: quiet, painfully shy, the one who always had her nose buried in a book.  I had thick, unruly, chestnut-colored hair, glasses and freckles.  We didn’t have much money and I often wore my older sisters’ hand-me-downs (though I think my mother would rain down hailstones on me from heaven if I didn’t acknowledge that I had some new clothes as well.)  I was the ultimate wallflower.

Fortunately, with each passing year, I began to discover small slivers of confidence.  The first petals of the flower began to unfold.  First it was my intelligence, then my style, and finally, I began to embrace my beauty….both the inner and the outer.

Now, finally I am celebrating the life of a courageous woman.  Though I have much life yet to learn and to live, I am finally at peace with who I am and who I still have yet to become.  There are trials still yet to be conquered, old negative fears that must still be hushed, and challenges that have yet to be faced.  But with each step, the petals continue to unfold and the wallflower is blossoming.

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Melissa
    Good Morning (11:46 London)

    Wake up late around 10:00 and had breakfast, tea. Logged on the computer and went through ‘about.me’ page where you viewed me so I viewed you too.You are very impressive!

    I tumbled across your blog where I read ‘following your destination’ and ‘about me’ posts on the blog. Views you mentioned ‘‘Yes, everyone has several talents that they should build and use, but you know what I mean when I say that you have something inside of you that is meant to be discovered. For me, that is writing.’’ And ‘‘I began to discover small slivers of confidence. The first petals of the flower began to unfold. First it was my intelligence, then my style, and finally, I began to embrace my beauty….both the inner and the outer.’’ So I am impressed, you have a true heart, true personality. I have followed you on twitter and WordPress so that we can be in touch.

    1. Jesi,
      Thank you so much for the comment on my writing! It was so lovely to wake up to that this morning and you have really made my day. I will connect with you on both social media outlets and I look forward to reading you. Have a wonderful rest of your day in my favorite city of London!

  2. Melissa, your blog is such an inspiration to me. What a beautiful woman you are, and oh how that comes shining through in your wonderful writing. xx

    1. Valerie, thank you so much! What a lovely comment! I hope that a little of what I write will uplift others. That’s important to me. If I can do anything, I want to give others a sense of hope. Thank you again for making my day! 🙂

  3. It feels great to read your thoughts and a little about you, am honored to be part of it. Keep it up the sky is not even the limit for you…. Nice blog

  4. 41? You’re lying, my dear… You look 25!!!!!!
    I’ve been reading you for two hours now, hahaha! Thank you for writing so beautifully, Melissa!
    Back to work now, otherwise…
    Love from Spain!

  5. Hi feels good to read your thoughts! Yes you truly are a courageous lady and we all need to be courageous too despite our challenges. Nice blog.

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