Daughter of the Storm

Daughter of the Storm

I have felt a strong connection to Nature since I was a young child.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to witness dramatic sunsets, white-sand tropical beaches, lush green mountains, hidden dark forests, sunlit red rock arches against a twilight blue sky and so much more.

Yet there is nothing that inspires me like watching a thunderstorm.  When lightning flashes across a sky or an explosion of thunder bounces off the surrounding mountains, I feel so connected to nature…to the power and majesty of it.  Even during a typhoon, I was the (slightly crazy) woman standing strong against the winds just to feel the rush of adrenaline as I faced a force of Nature. Climbing a wet hilltop in March and feeling the fierce storm blow as I take in the glorious view is more exciting to me than anything that man can think of.

meI’m not sure where this started, but I remember as a young child that my mother actually had to call to me from the house to come inside during an electrical storm.  I just couldn’t take my eyes off the approaching lightning and thunder.  Every moment of it was an adrenaline rush.

Since that time, my passion for Mother Nature’s storms has only increased.  When a hurricane approaches, I watch the news and videos like a weather forecaster (even when I live nowhere in the area).  If a thunderstorm approaches, I will stand outside or at a window and watch the brilliant display until it fades away.  I watch tornado videos and am fascinated with the first snowstorm of the year.

watching the stormI have come to conclude that I am a daughter of the storm.  I was meant to ride the winds.  As lightning streaks across the sky and the thunder shakes the ground I stand on, I feel a sense of power surge through me and I am at one with Nature.  I am not afraid…I am alive!  Alive with a vibrant energy that only comes when the wild winds whip my hair and fly fiercely around me.  It is in that moment that my spirit feels most connected to the powers around me…reminding me of my own inner strength and that I, too, am a force of Nature.


Forget Me Not

Forget me not

So small…barely noticed…I only found you because I was looking down at my feet.  There you were, among the emerald green blades of grass.  You were no bigger than the head of a pin.  I would have walked on by, like all the others, had I not been meandering slowly deep in thought.

You did not stand out like the red poppies, the delicate orchids or the bright sunflowers.  No, you had a quiet loveliness.  But you were there…steadfast and enduring and graceful.

I knelt down and gently touched your petals.  Though small, you were perfectly formed.  Each petal exquisitely colored in a lavender blue with a bright spot of sunshine in the middle.  Tiny mirror images of the heavens above.

You seemed to say “Look at me.  I am here.  I know I don’t stand out like the glorious rose, but I will be there in your darkest moments, growing gently and persistently at your feet.  Granting you beauty and giving  you something to smile about…even when you are looking down.”

For some reason, I wiped a tear away as I lovingly touched the blossoms.  “I see you,” I whispered and I realized that you were, in your own small way, perhaps the most beautiful flower of all.


Just Another Day

The morning light crept through my window 
Dreaming faded and memories flowed
I slowly opened my eyes 
And thought
“Just another day…”

Distractions during the morning meeting
Silent reflection and melancholy feelings
I sipped a cup of tea
And thought
“Just another day…”

As the debts piled up with no end in sight,
The raise never came and the money was tight
I laid my head in my hands
And thought
“Just another day…”

I looked at my phone…still no message from you,
I wiped a tear away and tried to make do
Cheering up others
Yet still I thought
“Just another day.”

I stood just inside my apartment door
Listening to the quiet and staring at the floor
When suddenly a knock came at the door
And I sighed
“Please…some other day…”

You smiled as you stood in the archway
You wrapped me in your arms and wiped the tears away
Cradling me and touching my face
I whispered softly
“So it’s not just another day…”

couple overlooking lights


Becoming a Peacemaker

BusIt was just a normal early summer Sunday in London.  I had just finished church and I was feeling so calm and peaceful as I walked to my bus stop.  It had been a good day visiting with and hugging lots of friends. I hummed a song quietly as I waited with about 40 other people while cars, people and life passed hurriedly by.

While waiting, I turned to see a woman, probably around my age, take her very large and heavy purse and hit a young man walking by her in the head with it.  It was obvious she did it on purpose and I have no idea why as I didn’t hear what had passed before.  It was a shock and he and his friend both looked furious and looked ready to hit her back.

I felt a surge of emotion go through me, one that I did not understand.  I also felt determination and some instinct to protect both the woman and the young man.  At this point, I did something I have never done.  Seeing the anger on the young man’s face, I quickly stepped in between him and the woman.  I lightly put my hands on him and said quietly “It’s not worth it.  Let it go.  Just walk away.”

He was very angry (and rightly so) and said “But she hit me!!” And he looked as though he wanted to do the same.  The same calm, firm spirit came to the forefront.  “I know and she was wrong to do it, but it’s not worth it. Let it go.”  He still managed to reach above my head (he was very tall) and hit the woman lightly on the side of the head.  I stepped again between them and said “No!  It’s not worth it, let it go!”

At this point, he finally turned away with his friend and walked away.  The woman remained on her cell phone the entire time trying to ignore them.  Eventually I saw tears well up in her eyes and she too, walked away.

I returned to my waiting spot for the bus while a multitude of feelings washed over me.  I felt relief, fear, embarrassment, and even trembled as I realized what had just happened.  But most of all, I felt again that sense of peace and calm return.  As I continued to wait for my bus, my mind raced.  Why did I do that?  What prompted me to step in between them?  That was most definitely not my normal instinct to interfere in such a situation.

Later on in the day, watching the sun set from my bedroom window, I thought about it. I realized that I had been used as an instrument of Heavenly Father to prevent something that could have become very ugly.  Who knows what could have happened in the lives of those two young men and that woman had violence been the answer?  And finally, I identified that feeling that had surged through me.  It was simply love.  Love for two strangers whose lives were about to be hurt by rash decisions.

And then I understood.  A peacemaker is someone who simply loves his/her fellow man and wants to create a better world for those around them.  It isn’t easy and we often have to leave our comfort zones to do it, but even one act of kindness can change and bless the lives of many if we have the courage to act.

Jesus with a child.



To Give Love Another Chance

white dress beach

I feel your fingertips yearning to touch mine
…separated by miles of doubt.

A wide chasm of confusion seems impassable
…but not impossible.

We gaze upon the same star misunderstanding
…that we share one wish.

I turn to catch your kiss on the breeze
…were you not just beside me in a dream?

Come to me, I am not far
…just a whisper away.

Just beyond the edge of the night 
…I wait for the dawning of your light.

We can still feel the fire of that heady dance
…if you will give this love another chance.

Almost Forgotten

No more than a whisperWoman-Sunset-1024x680
Of your voice remains
No more than a shadow
Of your smile stains
The fading memories…

Only a hint of what
Could have been
Faintly obscures
the distant scene
Of the future…

Like a small cloud
Passing over the sun briefly
On a summer’s day
Your charms have faded away
Into dandelion wishes…

Nothing more than an echo
Of a lost song
Sung once on a quiet night
With that dying light
You are almost forgotten…

Evening Reflections

9539853511_5de4424867_bIt is late and the softness of the night has stolen in. Few sounds tonight other than the cool breath of early spring stirring the air lightly.  It is the time of day I like best. The quiet before I go to sleep.  Everything slows down.  Duties, errands, work and worries are put away for another night.

It’s the time I allow my fanciful thoughts to roam and dream of “what if’s” and “maybe’s.” Reflection and yes, sometimes a little melancholy seep into these gentle hours.  I stand at my window overlooking the bright lights of distant London and the warm, dimly lit windows of nearby homes.  Each light holds a story…a story of laughter, disappointments, tears, joy and love.

I think about what happens when those lights go on and for a moment, the person is alone and lets all the pretenses of the day slide away.  What do they think about?  What do they wish for?  What do they yearn for?

Then my thoughts turn inward and I quietly sort out my own yearnings. There is wisdom in the darkness and in the silence. It’s there, in the remotest corners of our hearts, that quiet whisper that sets us our true path.  And what it tells each of us is different.

My own desires are complex and there are no easy answers, but this time of day is not for harsh realities, it is for gentle daydreaming.  And so I dream, pressing my hand lightly against the glass…wishing and waiting for the hand that will press back.