New Professional Portfolio Site!

Yes I did!  I decided it was high time to gather most of my links, samples and work in one site to use as a professional portfolio.  If you know of anyone who is seeking a writer and/or editor, please send them my way!  They are welcome to send me a message about what they are seeking on that site.  Yes, I will still be posting here, of course, but this will be used as a professional site for my work.

(It’s also a good place to publish the $600 worth of articles I never got paid for.  haha! :p )

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Random Acts of Kindness

I was in the vitamin aisle wondering if I had enough money to buy my vitamins or if I should wait until I had a secure income.  I knew I was going to have to borrow money to make rent and wondered if the vitamins went on the necessity list or the “want” list. Then I glanced over my shoulder and saw her.  She was sitting on the metal bench at the pharmacy.  She was in her pajamas, talking on her cell phone and trying her best to wipe the tears away so others would not notice.

It was the day after Thanksgiving and shoppers were rushing by trying to get the best Christmas sales.  There was a general air of jolliness as the people passed, scurrying to get their errands done.  But there was no happiness in her face.  Our eyes met and for that brief moment, I saw the pain, the sadness, that desperate air of wanting to do…something and not knowing what to do.  It tugged at my heart.  I recognized that pain and that look in her eyes.  I have known it all too well.

Feeling shy and indecisive, I turned away.  Wasn’t that the polite thing to do when someone was hurting?  I mean, you don’t just walk up and hug a stranger.  I turned and looked at her again and then made up my mind.  There are times when you need to reach beyond your comfort zone.

Walking over to the flowers, I purchased a bouquet and then quickly made my way back hoping she was still there.  She was pacing in front of the pharmacy waiting for her prescription to be filled.  Nervously, I walked up to her and handed her the flowers and said “Whatever it is, I hope it gets better soon.  Merry Christmas.”  And then suddenly feeling a great deal of love, I reached out and hugged her and she hugged me back.  “Thank you,” she said quietly.  I looked in her eyes and though there were tears, I also saw surprise and something else…hope.  I turned and walked away and as I did so, she called out “Merry Christmas!”  I smiled and disappeared. For the rest of the day, the memory of her brave smile and sudden “Merry Christmas” stayed in my mind and I felt as if my own worries and burdens had somehow been lifted.

I do not tell you this story to make myself look like something I am not.  I tell you this story as a reminder that the best thing we can do to feel better about our own situations in life is to reach out and offer love, compassion and service to others.  If random acts of kindness were the hallmark of our society, there would not be so much sadness, so much anger and so much hatred.

So when you feel as if despair has taken hold and you can’t see outside of yourself, do me one favor…look around, find someone who needs a hand of compassion and reach out with love.  I promise you that your own burdens will seem lifted in return. Love sent to you all…

Running to Stand Still…


The above title is in reference to a song written by U2, one of my all-time favorite bands. Though the lyrics of the song speak of another subject, the title seems to permeate down to the inner most recesses of my soul.  It seems to have become the motto of my life.

When I was young, traveling about the world and moving was exciting.  It was thrilling to think about what lay just beyond the edge of my vision.

But these days, moving and starting over has become a chore to be endured.  I’ve done it so many times that I can’t remember all the places I’ve lived.  There have been multiple and various reasons for the moves and all of them logical (though many people just call me crazy).  From job changes to difficult living circumstances to inability to afford where I was living, I’ve moved more than most people will move in a lifetime.

Yet the real truth is I’m “running to stand still.”  I’ve had a dream and a vision of my life that has never come to fruition.  A cottage-like home of my own surrounded by flowers and greenery, a loving husband, 2 cats (yes, must have my cats!), books and a window overlooking my garden as I write my novels.  Simple, peaceful and quiet…my “still” place. I was never very materialistic (though I always joked with my girlfriends that I would marry a millionaire), I just wanted a cozy, quiet place to call my own.


Yet, for whatever reason, this has eluded me.  I still rent a room in someone else’s house.  I still struggle on a daily basis to meet the financial basics of life.  My relationships have been…well, we’ll save that for another day. And my writing, though it has improved, has yet to bring me the steady income I have sought.  The dream of my little cottage seems as far removed from me as it did when I was a young girl.  Even the most hopeful of people get discouraged sometimes and today is that day.

But…as I’ve pointed out many times, who knows what tomorrow will bring?  And so, with a sigh, I close another day with still a flicker of hope that I will yet see my dreams become a reality.

A Nation Torn…

I wrote this post 4 years ago, but it seems more relevant now in the face of all the fear and negativity after the election. Sigh…please people, stop and think for a moment before you let your passions lead you to fighting with people you once loved.

Wallflower Blossoming

(I will now get on my little soapbox and rant.)  As the recent election draws near, I watch the political ads of the candidates running for president, read articles and listen to debates between acquaintances.  I listen to both sides and watch friends, acquaintances and family members tear each other apart as they argue about which side is better and why.  I read articles demeaning the beliefs and even the character of the people running for their parties.  I see various ads on television doing the same thing and frankly, it makes me sick!  I get so tired of seeing people tear each other down for their beliefs whether they be religious, political or otherwise.

How is it possible that sane, ordinary people who live and work side-by-side can suddenly began to see their neighbors, co-workers, and friends as their sworn enemy if they oppose their views?   Whatever happened to…

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Loving Yourself on YouTube

After much prodding by several friends, I finally took the giant leap and started doing videos on YouTube.  It’s going to be aimed at several different subjects: self-confidence, body positivity, online dating, travel and more.  It’s a scary leap to transition from writing to videos, but it’s just another way of helping to lift and strengthen others to get through our daily lives.

I will still be writing on here, but will post video links on occasion as well.  Hugs and love to you all!

Living in a Real Haunted House


It’s Halloween and growing up, this was one of my favorite holidays.  Of course, it mainly had to to with the candy (yes, I’ve always been a sugar addict), but I also enjoyed that thrilling chill down the spine when ghost stories were shared in whispers among friends.

When I was a child,I lived for a few years in an old mansion that was built around 1890 in Rockford, Washington.  In its heyday, it was considered one of the richest homes in the small farming community.  After my parents had done some research, we also found out it was once a recovery home for soldiers from the wars.  At another time, it was used as a hotel/bed and breakfast and once a home for nuns.  At any rate, the house has had a long history to it.

We rented the place when I was just 7 years old and we stayed there for about a year or two.  (Hazy on the details.)  I can’t remember everything, but what I do remember was the odd, sometimes creepy feelings I felt while we were there.  Old houses always have their creaks and groans and moans, but there were times you could have sworn that we had invisible guests living in the house with us.

Once, as an activity for our friends at church, we had a “spook alley” in the basement for Halloween.  The basement itself was made of cement, wooden beams and old stones.  It was already a little scary on it’s own, but after that spook alley, it was a place to be feared. We kept an old freezer in the basement and I remember that, at times, my mother would ask me to go downstairs and get something from it.  I hated it every time, because you could almost feel that there was something down there just waiting for you.  I would grab whatever was in the freezer and run as fast as I could up the stairs, always believing that I was being chased by…something.

But the basement wasn’t the only place in the house to be feared.  There was an empty space next to the landing on the stairs that was never used for anything but storage.  It had once been a servants’ staircase that lead to the laundry room, but had long ago been sealed off.  My older brother loved to play practical jokes on his younger siblings and once hid in the laundry room making ghostly sounds while we played upstairs.  Of course, he scared us all to death, but we soon discovered who it was.  Yet, why then, were we scared of that dark hole every time we went up and down the stairs.

One night we had an especially vicious thunderstorm.  Our parents were downstairs and we had just been sent to bed.  The electricity in the house started to flicker with the thunder and we were all naturally frightened, so we gathered in the hallway and made our way downstairs.  Just as we reached the landing where the great black hole was, the thunder crashed, the electricity went out and we all screamed and ran for our lives down the stairs.

These were  just a few of the experiences we had in the house, there were many more than I could share in a post.  I never saw a ghost while I was living there, but there was just this feeling that we weren’t alone.  For many years, well until after I became an adult, I would have nightmares about the house.  I would dream that I was alone in the old mansion and I would begin to panic.  I could feel this fear overtake me and I knew I would have to get out of the house.  I would run for the back door and in a terrible sweat struggle to get the handle of the door open just as I would hear a woman scream from inside the house!  It was a terrifying nightmare and I’m happy to say I no longer have them.

Do I believe ghosts exist?  Absolutely!  Have I seen one? No, but I have had enough experiences in my life to know they are there…watching.

This is an actual photo of the house off of Google Maps taken in 2008.