This is dedicated to all of those who are struggling to find out the “why” in their own lives:

One Sunday at church, a little girl around 2 or 3 years old was being firmly led down the hallway by her father.  It was obvious that she was being led away from where she wanted to go when cried out “BUT WHY??!!!”

I had to admit that I and another woman laughed a little and the other woman remarked “You will be asking that more than once in your life.”  And I nodded in agreement.

I couldn’t help but see the parallel.  A loving Father leads his child down a path that He knows is best, but the child doesn’t understand why her Father is taking her away from what she wants.

How many times do we walk that path?  How many times do we cry out “Why?!!!” when we don’t understand.  How many times do we get down on our knees seeking guidance and reassurance and answers?  I know I have spent a great deal of time in prayer asking my why’s.  And many times, in those quiet moments, I come to a deeper understanding of His will for me.

But sometimes, there seems to be no answer.  At times we just have to hold on knowing that He knows better than we do, for He sees the end from the beginning.  And though we may not understand His plan or why our lives are different from what we hoped they would be, sometimes knowing that He knows is enough.  It can take a great deal of humility to accept His will over what we want for ourselves, but by so doing we gain greater strength, courage, faith and wisdom to fight the trials in our lives.

As always, music speaks to me in ways that words can not.  The following is a song that has touched me deeply as I have struggled with understanding the why’s in my own life.  Though I now “see through a glass darkly,” one day I will understand the full meaning of His plan for me.  And for now…that is enough.

I thought I did what’s right 
I thought I had the answers 
I thought I chose the surest road 
But that road brought me here 

So I put up a fight 
And told you how to help me 
Now just when I have given up 
The truth is coming clear 

You know better than I 
You know the way 
I’ve let go the need to know why 
For you know better than I 

If this has been a test 
I cannot see the reason 
But maybe knowing I don’t know 
Is part of getting through 

I try to do what’s best 
And faith has made it easy 
To see the best thing I can do 
Is put my trust in you 

For You know better than I 
You know the way 
I’ve let go the need to know why 
For you know better than I.

I’ll take what answers you supply, for you know better than I.Daddy and daughter



2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. While going through your blog I chose to read this post among others and felt the need to thank you. Writing about the “whys” and how to deal with them, reflects some of my thoughts and beliefs as well, that I have not yet found the inner strength to write about. We seem to be so different from one another, yet so much alike in a most profound way. Thank you, Melissa!

    1. Despina, thank you so much for your kind words! We may have different backgrounds, experiences and cultures, but every human needs to know they are loved, listened to, needed and wanted. It is that alone (among other things) that connects us. Many times I write with this idea in the back of my mind. I am so glad that what I wrote helped you in some way. That is my main reason for keeping this blog. If I can uplift others, then I have done my job. The very best to you Despina!

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